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Scientists from BelSU presented hi-tech projects in Moscow

Delegation from BelSU took part in IV National Forum VUZPROMEXPO-2016

Delegation from BelSU lead by the vice principal for science and innovations Prof. Igor Konstantinov took part in IV National Forum VUZPROMEXPO-2016.

For the fourth year BelSU presents high-tech projects of the university: Digital Portable Camera for Panoramic Screening, Vacuum compartment for laboratory use, Lysin microbiology synthesis for grain advanced refining, Agrochemical samples based on auxin-fulleren complexes etc.

The finalists diploma of the contest was given to the project of BelSU Material Studies and Nanotechnology Subdepartment. The contest was organized by Zhukovskiy Central Aerohydrodinamic Institute, the largest state scientific aviation center of Russia. The contest is oriented at the support of innovational projects in aerocosmic field based on the results of successful research and inventions.

At the end of the VUZPROMEXPO BelSU was traditionally awarded with a diploma.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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