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New possibilities of crop farming

Professor from BelSU took part in cooperative tests of botanical medicines at Chinese Agricultural University  

Prof. Victor Korobov, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, the director of BelSU Ecological Engineering lab took part in cooperative test cooperative tests of botanical medicines at Chinese Agricultural University. Due to the agreement between BelSU Regional Microbiological Center and CAU FUTONG company group professor Korobov has worked at Chinese Agricultural University for three weeks testing botanical medicines for vegetables growing in protected ground. He also gave a lecture at the agroeconomic department of Chinese Agricultural University about Russian experience in biotechnologies and plant defending.

During the visit Regional Microbiology Center and CAU FUTONG group signed an additional agreement about cooperation work in agricultural technologies. Professor Korobov mentioned that BelSU Microbiology Center works in various directions. Biotechnology, growing of new hybrid seeds of sugar beet, virus-free potato; animal selection; integrated plants protection; growth-stimulators producing etc.

New direction is a soil sanitation. We work on it together with Chinese Agricultural University, China has the same problem. Our soils lost 50% of its organic matter, so we need to fine new possibilities of fertility enhancement. It could me microorganisms which can enhance restoration abilities of soil, he said.

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