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Postgraduate of BelSU Institute of Economy Kazimiru Erineltu took part in events for development and popularization of Math education in Angola

A solemn meeting Doctoral International Graduation Award Malawi Central Africa-2016 under the aegis of Jerusalem International Academic Research Institute took place in Malawi in June. The second year postgraduate of BelSU Mathematic and instrumental methods of economy course was awarded with The Degree Of Honorary Doctor of Arts in Mathematics for the significant contribution to math education in Angola.

In Belgorod Kazimiru Erineltu has published a series of learning guides for mathematics in Portuguese. They are popular in Angola and Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa.

In August he gave and open lecture How an economist should study math at Agostinho Neto State University (Luanda) and presented his new linear algebra book for economists, edited by BelSU professor Vladimir Moskovkin. More than 300 students and teachers of the university took part in the event.

In September he was invited to Angola second TV chanel to Hora quente talk show, to tell about his new book. He also conducted seminars for the winners of Academic Saturdays contest and met the Higher Education Minister Adao Nasimento. Theyve discussed cooperation with Russian scientists.

Kazimiru Erineltus work is a brilliant example for other foreign postgraduates, it shows a great influence of contribution for development of their countries.

 BelSU Professor of World Economy Subdeprtment V. Moskovkin

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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