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Russian, the language of cross-cultural communication

The meeting of Russian Language Club took place at BelSU Cross Cultural Communication Center

The meeting of Russian Language Club, dedicated to traditional Russian art and crafts took place at BelSU Cross Cultural Communication Center. The students, supervisors of foreign fraternities and teachers watched the presentation Arts and Crafts of Russia, took part in Ethnic culture of the world quiz and exhibition table contest.

Ethnic culture of the world exhibition was organized by Strakhov scientific library, Cross Cultural Communication Center and BelSU Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations. After the month of exhibition and voting in social media the winners were awarded with gifts and honorary letters. The winners were awarded in nominations Ethnocity(Insdia), Ethnostyle(Latin America, Turkmenistan, Ecuador), Ethnointerior(Armenia, Vietnam, China), Ethnodoll(Burundi) and Ethnomaster(Angola, Tajikistan).

According to director of Cross Cultural Communications Center Elena Nazarenko the exhibition was organized to preserve and popularize national arts and crafts as an integral aprt of every countrys culture.

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