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Double diplomas in France

Round table conference dedicated to the advancement of practice-oriented education

Teachers and students of BelSU Institute of Economy discussed perspectives of double diploma program for Master of Economy of BelSU and Sergie-Pontoise University (France). Among participants the head of International Business program, professor of World Economy Subdepartment Svetlana Rastvortseva. The head of GO GO Tours office in Paris Natalia Kolesnikova, the staff of International trade and new economic geography research Lab, members of students International alliance organization etc.

They have discussed important questions concerning education in France and Russia, internship in leading Russian organizations and possibilities of working abroad. According to the hosts of the conference, practice oriented education between BelSU and Sergie-Pontoise university by International Business double diploma program (in English) allow the students to get the broad variety of educational opportunities in two universities and get an international level training.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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