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Psychological master classes

BelSU Psychological Service conducts master classes on social and psychological adaptation

Specialists of BelSU Psychological Service helps students, teachers and all town dwellers. Master classes are conducted by qualifies psychologists: Yana Galchun and the head of the Service Dmitriy Sazonov.

Curators of students groups also undergo special psychological classes. After the classes they receive working recommendations.

We give curators useful information: how to help students adapt to the universitys atmosphere and conditions. The audience study algorythms of working with students, cases of depression and loneliness. Discussions at master classes broaden their horizons and teach them how to work with students psychologically and support them, said the representative of the Psychological Service.

Contacts: Belgorod, ul. Studencheskaya 14, building. 4, room. 503. Telephone: (4722) 30-18-14. E-mail: sazonov@bsu.edu.ru.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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