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Programs of universitys development were discussed at traditional strategic winter conference

The principals office, directors of the institutes, deans etc have gathered for the traditional strategic winter conference. Theyve spoke about realization of top-priority projects of Russian education system. The vice principal for education and informatization Aleksandr Mamatov presented the projects, verified by government, and vice president for science and innovations Andrey Peresyprkin presented a report on realization of enhancement of universitys competitive ability to the year 2020.

Five working groups were formed according to directions of Universitys competitive ability enhancement program. The specialists analyzed universitys capabilities, formed goals and ways of its achievements. Speakers of the groups presented their results as projects at the second plenary meeting. Speaker of educational sphere group Prof. Ludmila Voloshina, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences brought to notice the necessity of a new professional standard, mastering of project activities and appropriate corresponding certificates for students.

Speaker of research sphere group, deputy director for science and international activities of Institute of Law assistant professor Alevtina Novikova presented a project BelSU as a center of scientific and practical cooperation which should help to increase the volume of research and constructive work. Speaker of specialists training and dissertation councils sphere group Irina Kuprieva suggested an idea of annual Postgraduate School. Creation of cross-disciplinary Center of Slavic Research at Sociology and Theology Department was suggested by the speaker of international relations sphere deputy director for international relations and quality control of Olga Lebedeva.

University as the center of social and cultural development, that was the goal of the project by the Organization and upbringing sphere group and its speaker, the head of sociology and organization of youths activity subdepartment Prof. Inna Shapovalova.

In the end of the conference the Principal of the university Prof. Oleg Polukhin suggested to turn all supported projects into reality.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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