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Welcome to Tajikistan!

An event, dedicated to culture and traditions of Tajikistan took place at BelSU Cross-Cultural Communication Center

An event for Russian and foreign students of various institutes and departments of the university began with Tajikistanian hymn. Vice Principal for Culture and education Svetlana Ostrikova greeted the audience on behalf of the Principals office: I have been to Tajikistan and I know how the Tajiks remember and honor their friendship with Russian people. Many young men and women choose to study in Russian iniversities; I think that our university have the best Tajik studetns, she said.

The students from Tajikistan spoke about their Motherland, its famous places, records and famous researchers, who contributed to the development of science.
Students read poems of Omar Khayyam and sang songs about Tajikistan and its capital Dushanbe. Theyve also presented national cuisine for all guests.

 E. Nazarenko

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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