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Welcome, spring!

Students, teachers and guests of the university saw off the winter at Maslenitsa holiday event

The event began with parade: guisers carried symbols of the sun, Maslenitsa dolls and other attributes of the holiday. The culmination took place in front of Khorkina Sports Cultural Center. The Principal of BelSU Prof. Oleg Polukhin congratulated students with an end of winter exams.

Dear students! I congratulate you with the end of an exams session. Exams is a hard work and I am proud that such hard-working students study in our universities. Take your time, celebrate and be happy, he said.

All guests of the event could join the native dances and khorovods, taste pancakes and special holiday porridge, ride in sledge and take part in sports competitions such as weight lifting, rope jumping, broom throwing, funny verses contest etc. The winners got gifts from Sports center.

Performers from BelSU art groups created bright and joyful atmosphere. Their performance and event was organized by vice principal for culture and education Svetlana Ostrikova and BelSU labor union.

The celebration finished with traditional burning of Maslenitsa dummy.

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