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Cooperation with Abbott Group

Representatives of Abbott and Verofarm Company together with global director for preclinical studies George Shliut visited BelSU  

The partners visited the Center of Preclinical and Clinical Studies, museum of BelSU history. The principal of BelSU Oleg Polukhin greeted the delegation and expessed the confidence in cooperation with Abbott and Verofarm.

Our cooperation deserves a good mark, but there it lefts questions worth a discussion. Primarily, there are laboratory development issues, practical training of students, scientific research etc, he said.

George Shliut praised hospitality and extensive history of universitys research activities. He mentioned that postgraduates from BelSU showed good results after the training at Abbot Companys facility in Hannover.

He also observed capability of the Center of preclinical and clinical studies, which can coordinate cooperation in research. Abbot also plans to gift BelSU equipment for testing solid medicines. This would be a key step in specialiststraining and educational process.

George Shliut suggested a series of webinars. Oleg Polukhin supported the idea, saying that the university has capacious lecture halls, equipment and specialists in simultaneous interpreting.

Deputy vice principal for science and innovations Andrei Peresypkin suggested to sign a renewed roadmap plan for new steps of cooperation.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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