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Students and teachers from Netherlands at BelSU

8 students and 5 teachers from Applied Sciences University of Hanze (Netherland) spent a week at BelSU

Main idea of our cooperation includes projects which begins in Belgorod and ends in Groningen. Chemists from BelSU cooperates with their colleagues since 2015 due to Anthocyanin educational project. For the second time united groups of Dutch and Russian chemists, biologists and food chemistry specialists introduce their cooperative projects this way, said deputy director for international relations and quality control of BelSU Institute of Engineering Technologies and Natural Sciences Olga Lebedeva.

Colleagues from Hanze are interested in research dedicated to bioactive naturally occurring matter, which is conducted at BelSU laboratory of bioactive matter analytical chemistry. In Netherlands students from BelSU and Hanze University research various kinds of anthocyanins biological activity.

In 2017 the range of research was widened; at BelSU the research team tested food products enriched by biologically active substances for anthocyanin and phenol compound.
The success of anthocyanin project demonstrated the vitality of an idea and inspired three more projects. Research teams studied microorganisms, engaged in biogas procession, influence of the surface of biomedical materials on stem cells, synthesized organic compounds with potential biological activity etc.

The guests from Netherlands have also take part in scientific event International Mendeleev Teaparty along with the students from Kazakhstan National University, Vietnamese and Russian chemistry students from BelSU etc.

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