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New inventions were registered at BelSU

Three new inventions were registered at BelSU

Federal Institute of Industrial Property issued three patents for BelSU scientists

Method of producing high-test rolling of austenitic stainless steel with nanostructure (authors: Rustam Kaybyshev, Andrei Belyakov, Marina Odnobokova) suggests method of producing austentic stainless steel with enhanced durability.

Method for enhancement of mechanical properties of welded seam processed by friction stir welding (authors: Rustam Kaybyshev, Sergei Malofeev) can be applied for enhancement of technological and operation characteristics of welding constructions and complicated parts made from heat hardenable alloys.

Method of thermomechanical processing of copper alloys (authors: Rustam Kaybyshev, Andrei Belyakov, Roman Mishnev, Anna Morozova, Damir Tagirov) allows to make semi -finished product from copper alloys with improved complex of physical and mechanical properties combining high durability with high conductivity rate.

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