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Future psychologists help severely ill patients

Psychology students of BelSU became volunteers to support severely or terminally ill patients  

The head of Tomarovka Hospital Palliative Care Natalia Govorun offered students of BelSU Psychology Department a chance to support patients psychologically.

Palliative help provides the conditions which can help a person to endure the pain and normalize emotional state. Doctors care and pay attention to every patient, many of which have no relatives and were left alone, she said.

According to Natalia Govorun, many patients do not want to hear about their diagnosis. They just need to talk about their life, remember their brightest moments.

It is amazing how kind and open our patients are, despite the constant pain and loneliness. They are very happy to talk. Cooperation of the hospital and Psychology Department will help patients to spend the last years, months or even days in warm and friendly atmosphere, said psychologist of BelSU Psychological Service Yana Galchun.

Volunteers study special literature, share their experience with each other and consult each other.

A round table conference will take place at Psychology Department due to the Science Week. The volunteered students would speak about palliative care and discuss their experience.

 Y. Galchun, psychologist of BelSU Psychological Service


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