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Open Access for public access to scientific papers

Research organizations unite their efforts to reform the scholarly publishing market. Its main principles are affordability, cost saving, transparency and efficiency  

The 13th Berlin Open Access Conference under the aegis of Max Planck Society was dedicated to development and introductions of measures for public access to scientific articles. pen access 2020 Initiative has started in 2016 under the Berlin Declaration (2003). In 2017 many academic organizations as well as BelSU have joined it. 82 international academic organizations have signed Expression of Interest declaration, which gives universities and research centers a right be a National Contact Point (NCP) to take an active part in transformation of scholarly publishing market. NCP is meant to promote pen access 2020 Initiative in their countries.

220 representatives of scientific community from 34 countries: universities, research centers, scientific foundations, libraries and publishers took part in the conference. BelSU was the only representative of Russia and acted through associated professor of BelSU Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations E. Sherstyukova.

The conference was especially heated for the projects coordinators and representatives of international publishers, because the new publishing system means loss of the latters leading position at scholarly publishing market. The participants also shared their experience and discussed a new business model of open access.

The Conference resulted actualization of roadmap and passing of Declaration of the 13th Berlin Open Access Conference initiatives and solutions support, which was signed by European Commission Director-General for Research and Innovations Robert-Jan Smits.

 E. Sherstyukova, BelSU PR Department


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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