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Lecture on regenerative medicine at BelSU

The leading researcher of blood ontogenesis laboratory of the University of Edinburgh Scottish center of regenerative medicine (Great Britain), Professor Stanislav Rybtsov read an open lecture for BelSU students

Welcoming listeners, Stanislav Rybtsov emphasized that BelSU became more modern than in time of his previous visit to university about 16 years ago.

"I was pleasantly surprised how much the university changed, - he said. Every year students have more and more opportunities for receiving quality education".

Professor told about the city of Edinburgh and presented the center of regenerative medicine in which 250 research associates work. During the lecture, which included the presentation, Stanislav Rybtsov told about history of regenerative medicine; according to his lecture, a prosthetic surgery was known in Ancient Egypt. He also told about transplantology of organs (the first transplantation in 1912), however the main part of his lecture was about stem cells, their producing and use in medicine.

Besides that Stanislav Rybtsov presented to listeners "A regenerative triangle" of Edinburgh: academy interrelation (development of protocols of extraction and differentiation of regenerative cells), industries (receiving cells and their reproduction) and clinics (care of patients).

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