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A monument not wrought by hand

International scientific and practical conference for students, undergraduates and young scientists "The Wreath to Pushkin: 1837-2017" was opened at BelSU.

Philology teachers, philosophers, students, undergraduates and young scientists of BelSU have gathered in the assembly hall of BelSU Social and Theological Department. The conference was organized to honor the 180 anniversary of A. S. Pushkin's death.

Program of the conference includes three competitive stages in Belgorod and a concluding field meeting at Pushkin Hills the State memorial historic and literary memorial estate of A.S. Pushkins "Mikhaylovskoye". First stage of a conference "Pushkins selected verses: reading and interpretation of one of Pushkin's works", second stage "Impromptu: the blitz essay on one of works of the last years of Pushkins life" and the third stage "The academic conversation: competition of scientifically research works".

Performances and creative works of 45 contestants would be estimated by: Doctor of Philology Vera Harchenko, Doctor of Philology Vasily Lipich, Doctor of Philosophy Tamara Lipich, Doctor of Philosophy Pavel Olkhov, Candidate of Philology Svetlana Ushakova, Candidate of Philology Ekaterina Yakimova and Candidate of Philology Elena Shirina.

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