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BelSU develops cooperation with universities of Kazakhstan

Executive director of Management High School Natalia Govorukha and the head of Management and Marketing Subdepartment Boris Tkhorikov have visited Alma-Ata University of Management (AlmaU) and Narkhoz University (Kazakhstan Republic)

At the Almaty University of Management Boris Tkhorikov told colleagues about research of augmented reality in retail trade, neuromarketing, project management, behavioral and institutional economy performed by Managemet and marketing Subdepartment. Together with colleagues from Kazakhstan they prepared a "road map" of joint educational programs with AlmaU and BelSU for Tourism and Welfare Service Department for Management course (bachelor degree), Marketing and Project Management (Master degree).

The executive director of BelSU Management High School Natalya Govorukha has discussed questions of certification in the field of project management for teachers and students of AlmaU and Narhoz University, the academic mobility within Master of Business Administration program (MBA), and also participations of teachers and students in the International youth school of project management "Pegas-2017". The sides reached an agreement on development of the joint program of the academic mobility of listeners of MBA in 2018.

At Narkhoz University Natalya Govorukha and Boris Tkhorikov took part in the II International Week of Narkhoz and the International Forum of the Russian Association of the Business Education (RABE) dedicated to the analysis and processing of big data. Representatives of Narkhoz University have invited colleagues from BelSU to provide short-term training of listeners of the MBA program in September of the current year.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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