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Asian Dialogue in Bangkok

BelSU took part in international round table forum on forming of university network of Asia Cooperation Dialogue  

International round table forum on forming of university network of Asia Cooperation Dialogue took place at Bangkok Siamese University (Thailand).

More than 30 representatives of universities from 17 countries including Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Korea and other countries members of ACD.

Russia was represented by BelSU and Tomsk Polytechnic University. BelSU was represented by vice principal for international cooperation Vladislav Kuchmisty and the head of International Cooperation Office Mikhail Pisarenko.

Development of network university cooperation of the Pacific Rim and the Middle East, including development and implementation of joint educational double diploma programs, students and teachers academic mobility, joint applications for grants both in national, and in the international organizations etc. were discussed at the working meeting.

During negotiations the working groups on development and support of the directions of interaction of higher education institutions in network have been created. BelSU has been accepted as the co-director of the working group on questions of internationalization of the higher education of ACD. BelSU has also become a part of the working group on coordination of the Asian translation system and accumulation of points (ACTS) as the European ECTS system. This work will promote elaboration of the general approaches on development of joint curricula of educational programs and definition of the procedure of grading of the disciplines mastered by students in partner foreign higher education institutions.

Following the results of an action the updated structure of ACD University Network, BelSU was approved as a full participating member of the organization.

Entry into the DSA university network opens the new countries for realization of cooperation with the leading higher education institutions of the region. This is one of the important strategic tasks of BelSUs international activity development".

 BelSU International Cooperation Office

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