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Moral imperatives in the center of attention

BelSU became the platform of the V International youth forum "Moral Imperatives in Right, Science, Education and Culture"

The university hosted lawyers, teachers, psychologists, sociologists, political scientists and representatives of clergy. About 350 applications from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, LPR, the DPR, Ecuador and other countries were sent for the forum, more than 200 representatives took part in discussion of topical issues.

The Forum was organized by: BelSU Belgorod metropolitanate, Belgorod university of cooperation, economy and right, Belgorod state institute of arts and culture, Belgorod legal institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, St. Kirill and Mefodiy Veliko Tarnovo university of (Bulgaria), Interregional educational public organization "Association of Orthodox Scientists" etc.

Within the forum plenary and panel sessions took place. Professor of the Kuban State University Andrey Ostapenko talked on the topic "Modern Youth and Traditional Values", professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University Marat Musin told about projects of big war in the modern world, professor BelSU Elena Safronova presented the report "The person and education in the conditions of global reorganization".

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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