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Teachers and students discussed important problems of lexicography

Within the annual scientific session at BelSU Pedagogical Institute Foreign Languages Department the third International scientific conference "Lexicography and Communication 2017" took place

The conference was organized by BelSU, I. Shamyakin Mazyr state pedagogical university (Belarus), Sergie-Pontoise University (France) and the Freiburg Pedagogical Institute (Germany).

During the discussions the wide range of questions of dictionary discourses functioning, a research of its communicative, information, culturological aspects was considered. Participants discussed topical issues of a modern lexicography and communication, studying of prospects of adequate dictionary reflection of a condition of national language and communicative processes in the modern changing world.

Leading French Linguist,Commodore of Academic Palm tree Orded Jeanne Pruveau told the audience about the concept of historical approach to lexicographic practice and to a research of language material. He also spoke on a subject of typology of modern dictionaries. The head of the German and French Languages Subdepartment, Doctor of Philology, Prof. Arkady Sedykh submitted the report "Its Majesty the Dictionary", professor Bogusêaw Gasek (Wroclaw, Poland) told about proper names in modern bilingual dictionaries.

The leading scientists of Belarus, Germany, Poland, Russia and France took part in a and published works concerning modern methodological and linguistic aspects of a lexicography, categories of the description of the dictionary text and a discourse, cognitive and communicative researches of dictionary material. The materials were presented by teachers of higher education institutions, graduate students, undergraduates.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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