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BelSU ground for dialogue with representatives from embassies of 10 countries

Round table conference with delegation of EU countries, USA and Canada embassies took place at BelSU

Vice principal for science and innovations of BelSU Igor Konstantinov introduced the scientists of BelSU to the foreign guests and told the audience about scientific development of BelSU and its publishing activity.

Foreign delegation consisted of attaché and counsellors for agriculture from Germany, Nwtherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, Canada, USA and Great Britain. After the presentation movie, deputy vice principal for international cooperation Mikhail Trubitsyn told that BelSU is one of the leading scientific centers of Russia for international cooperation, got the 7th place in the country for the number of foreign students and took part at academic exchange programs including Erasmus+.

The presentation scientists of BelSUs scientific achievements became the culmination of a round table conference. Most of the achievements were know-hows in the field of nanotechnologies and agriculture. At the end of the visit for guests of honor the excursion on geological mineralogical museum NIU "BELGU" has been organized.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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