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The second annual youth forum of SCOU has opened at BelSU

30 delegations from Russian and foreign universities, including universities of Belgorod region and 11 universities from SCOU countries: China, India, Pakistan, Kazakhsta, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan  

This is the third annual event of Shanghai Cooperation Organization at our university. As a representative of the board I can say that we see the result: enhancement of cooperation with Russian and foreign universities of the Organization. New opportunities for development of scientific, cultural cooperation with our universities and nations are major effects of such events, said the principal of BelSU Prof. Oleg Polukhin.

The program of the forum includes discussion of cooperation in education, sciences, cultural exchange. Round tables and seminars are planned.

One of important events of the forum is discussion of the international project "Youth Card of SCO", and also the presentation of the final version of this project. Potential participants young scientists and students from SCO countries will discuss it. "The youth card of SCO" provides expansion of the academic mobility and creation of conditions for implementation of youth projects.

It is my first visit to Russia and to your university though I already participate in similar forums for the fifth time. I consider such actions important for development of cooperation of the SCO countries in the field of education. Iran is in process of becoming the member of SCO. Therefore I now here, and it is a excellent to come into contacts at the level of student's and experts exchanges. It is important to construct appropriate infrastructure for establishment of such contacts. I anticipate results of this event, said Hamidreza Azizi, the research associate of the Center of studying of Eurasia of university of Shahid Bekheshti University (Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran).

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