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Cooperation with University of Bremen continues

Classes for students and teachers of University of Bremen (Germany)  took place In BelSU Institute of cross-cultural communication and international relations within the joint educational program

From May 15 to May 19 the delegation of University of Bremen has visited the Institute to participate in educational process within the master program "Theory and Practice of Cross-cultural Communication" implemented at department of the romano-German philology and cross-cultural communication.

14 students and 2 teachers from Germany have taken part in educational process. The first phase of coeducation has taken place in University of Bremen at Faculty of cultural science from April 30 to May 8.

During coeducation, Russian and German students have listened the series of lectures, took part in a seminar and practical training, and got acquainted with method of field researches in cultural anthropology. Within the joint project students investigated various aspects of city life and culture in Bremen and Belgorod.

According to the German and Russian students, such form of education allows to put to practice the principles of the cross-disciplinary, practice-focused training, to get rid of stereotypes in communication and to learn to understand each other better.

  E.V.Sherstyukova, associate professor of the romano-German philology and cross-cultural communication

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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