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Belgorod Florence: expansion of interuniversity cooperation

The working meeting with the management of the University of Florence  completed an official visit of delegation of BelSU headed by the rector, professor Oleg Polukhin to Italy

The visit of the delegation from BelSU ( the rector of BelSU Oleg Polukhin, the vice rector for the international cooperation Vladislav Kuchmisty, the director of BelSU Institute of Medicine Vladimir Kulikovsky and the director of Institute of cross-cultural communication and the international relations Olga Prokhorova) has begun on May 29 with visit to San Matteo Hospital of the Pavia university. At the meeting with the director of the hospital Nunzio Del Sorbo and heads of offices of hospital professor Vladimir Kulikovsky presented BelSU Institute of Medicine to colleagues. The parties have discussed the prospects of interaction in the field of medicine and establishment of cooperation with medical faculty of Pavia University.

During the visit, delegation also had a meeting with president of Studio Coppi Mr. Paolo Coppi. They've made a cooperation agreement for realization of cooperative projects and programs in science and education, including internship for students and teachers of BelSU.

The visit was completed by a meeting of the rector of BelSU Oleg Polukhin together with members of the Belgorod delegation with the rector of the Florentine university professor Luigi Dei and the Italian colleagues. The presentation of the BelSU by Oleg Polukhin made a great impression on mister Dei who has highly appreciated scales of possible cooperation.

"The range of our interaction is 360 degrees. The programs realized by our universities, scientific and cultural cooperation have fine prospects", the rector of the University of Florence said.

Among such joint projects cooperation with school of political sciences "Cesare Alfieri" of the Florentine university on implementation of English-language master programs of "The international relations and foreign regional studies" course with double diplomas.

Implementation of the agreements will allow to increase number of students of BelSU directed to training at the Uniersity of Florence, will promote expansion of cooperation in such spheres as "the international relations" and "the European researches"

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