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Music of summer at BelSU Botanical Garden

Traditional Classic music concert project has begun at BelSU

The first concert in 2017 was opened by the director of the Belgorod state philharmonic hall Svetlana Borukha and the vice rector of university for construction and economic work Valentin Zatenatsky.

For the third oear in a row The Belgorod State University together with the Belgorod state philharmonic hall have been organized open-airs on the territory of BelSU Botanical garden. The idea of musical evenings under the open sky belong to the governor of the region Evgeny Savchenko.

"Such meetings give the chance for people to meet music, to communicate with friends, to stay in harmony with the nature. This project once again proves that there is nothing casual validly: the nature and music will always find the way to each other. The novelist, the scientist-musicologist Romain Rolland said that music, like a rain, the drop behind a drop, filters into heart and recovers him. Music in combination with the nature of our botanical garden sure recovers all organism. This salutary composition gives a huge emotional charge to listeners ", said Valery Zatenatskiy.

More than two hundred residents of Belgorod, students, the staff of BelSU became guests of a holiday of music this time. The program was submitted by "Mezzo music" orchestra under conduction of Natalya Borovik.

Before a concert by tradition for all comers experts of the Botanical garden have conducted tours. For children the cheerful musical holiday has been organized.

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