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Lawyers of Russia and Belorussia: the beginning of cooperation

Cooperation agreement between BelSU Institute of Law and Belarusian State University Law Faculty was signed at BSU

During the visit to the Belarusian state university the head of the department of civil law and process Sergey Tychinin met the dean of law department of the Belarusian state university Sergey Balashenko. The parties have spoken of positive experience of cooperation between universities and have designated interaction forms in scientific and educational sphere.

Throughout the trip, Sergey Tychinin has participated in the International scientific and practical conference "Use of Elements of Electronic Justice in Activity of Economic Court of CIS and National Courts" held in CIS headquarters. Professor has made the report on ensuring the principles of legal proceedings in the conditions of introduction of new information technologies in which he has noted that introduction of electronic justice shouldn't contradict the fundamental principles of legal proceedings.

On the one hand, we need publicity and openness, on the other respect for the rights and freedoms of the person, security, personal privacy, personal family secret, ensuring competitiveness of process is necessary, Sergey Tychinin said. He also noticed that realization of electronic justice at the level of the CIS is a major problem which will demand great efforts and coordination.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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