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New perspectives of international cooperation with Paris

Delegation from BelSU Pedagogical Institute has visited Sergie-Pontoise University Humane Sciences Department  

Development of the directions of cooperation of two higher education institutions in historical and cultural researches was a main goal of a visit, which has taken place due to programs of the international mobility and development of publishing activity of BelSU, and also Embassy of the French Republic in Russia (André Mazon program). During the visit the president of the French partner university Francois Jermain has signed the memorandum of understanding between two higher education institutions which was signed earlier by the rector of BelSU Oleg Polukhin.

Delegation from BelSU leaded by the dean of of historical and philological faculty of Teacher training college Andrey Papkov has been presented not only by teachers (Victoria Vasilenko and Elena Litovchenko), but also the student Natalya Tretyakova who has participated in a visit, thanks to the program of BelSUs development of the student's associations. Natalya represented scientific students' scientific society of the Department.

The perspective directions of carrying out joint researches in the field of historical sciences have been defined. In addition, the network scientific magazine "Tractus Aevorum" (English-language issues) issued by BelSU in cooperation with University of Tennessee (USA) has been submitted to the French colleagues. Foreign colleagues have shown great interest in BelSU project and the agreement on the publication of results fellow researchers from French partner higher education institution on pages of the magazine with the prospect of cooperation expansion.

In department of the international relations of Sergie-Pontoise University the working meeting with Enora Berar has taken place. The French colleagues have supported BelSU initiatives of the organization of a number of the international actions directed to activization of academic mobility for teachers, students and scientists of two higher education institutions for development of historical education.

Thus the new impulse is given to cooperation of higher education institutions due to activization of the new direction of scientific exchanges in the field of historical and cultural researches.

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