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Active enrollment campaign

For the last 24 hours more than 700 enrollees applied to the Enrollment Committee

Enrollment committee is ready to process more than 1000 applications a day. Chief Secretary of Enrollment Committee Aleksandr Galtsev said that rules of application havent change: https://www.bsu.edu.ru/en/admission/documents/

Since 2013 enrollees can apply by registering at university website: https://www.bsu.edu.ru/en/admission/app-training/

Last year the new application system has served 3000 people.

Aleksandr Galtsev gave an advice to enrollees to use all the chances in their applications. He reminded that one enrollee can apply for three educational courses.

Some enrollees apply for only one course and fail. Using all opportunities, school graduates and college students increase their chances to become students of BelSU.


You can find all information for enrollees at our website or e-mail Enrollment Committee: Exam@bsu.edu.ru

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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