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Perspectives of international internship

Students of the V International Language Summer School met the representative of AIESEC

At the ILSS students of Belgorod State University took part in a seminar on international exchange and internship by the representative of the AIESEC international organization Milana Khalatova. The first day of a seminar was dedicated to the theory of volunteering and the paid internship abroad. Milana marked out the importance of participation in programs for employment and self-development, has shown video responses of participants of volunteer programs of AIESEC and shared personal experience.

In the second day of the seminar students received a training session on success, where they learned what prevents people to achieve success in life and work.

These two days were very productive. We have learned real stories of young people who have already passed an internship, have talked in Skype to the girl who has returned from an internship recently. It has interested me very much! the student Maria Kokhanova has commented.

Besides, Milana Halatova has told that the volunteer has an opportunity to to train in the most different fields of activity, to improve a foreign language and to help those in need.

Supporting programs of the academic mobility, the university promotes creation of the platform for cross-cultural communication and development of friendly relationship between the countries and the people. International language summer school motivates students to learn foreign languages, gives them an opportunity for self-development, said Milana Halatova.

Experience of volunteering helps not only to improve skills and abilities, but also gives an opportunity to get acquainted with representatives of other cultures and gives chance to challenge oneselfs durability.

 Irina Podzolkova

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