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BelSU is ready to create Sofya Kovalevskaya Mathematics School at State University

It has occurred during a working trip of the governor of the Belgorod region Evgeny Savchenko to engineering school

We are ready for creation of not only school, but the mathematical center. The mathematical school will be a part of the Center. We want to involve the leading mathematicians from the whole country. The main task of the center is a professional orientation activity that we could form the mind of leading mathematicians since the school and to the university, said Svetlana Chernyavskaya, dean of mathematics and natural education department of BelSU.

It is supposed to become a prototype of the center for retraining of experts in mathematics and IT as the one which was created at the St. Petersburg State University. The rector of BelSU told the press that the road map is already developed and there is a full understanding of what this center has to be.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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