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Sirius educational center can be organized at BelSU engineering school

The head of the NIU "BELGU" engineering school Elena Sidorenko has handled such initiative to the governor of the Belgorod region during a working trip of the head of the region to the educational center

According to Elena Sidorenko, director of the scientific and educational center BelSU Engineering School, the school has everything that is necessary for Sirius, including training at a constant basis and holding seasonal design and educational sessions. But improvement of the center requires retrofitting of all laboratories that teachers could broadcast lessons in the online mode and record them. For these purposes, the engineering school already has online resources Pegasus and the website of the university.

At the Sirius students will develop own scientific and technical projects in the priority directions. For a year of work, we have seen that children from needy and large families are more motivated to self-development. We want to give the chance to develop to the child from the remote village to form the personnel capacity of the region, said Elena Sidorenko.

According to programs of engineering school, pupils from the region move to school for two weeks where they are engaged with a separation from the school program, then training continues through online lessons. Oleg Polukhin added that online education will be organized by BelSU.

 Based on the article by Bel.Ru

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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