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For the peaceful sky

Meeting dedicated to the Day of Antiterrorism Solidarity took place at BelSU  

On the university square students, teachers and city dwellers have gathered to pay a tribute to the memory of all dead in acts of terrorism

Vice rector for BelSU cultural and educational activity Svetlana Ostrikova has addressed youth with an opening speech. She has reminded participants of a meeting about terrible events at Beslan school 13 years ago when 334 persons have died because of terrorists, among them 186 children.

We have gathered for a meeting to make people realize monstrosity of the ideas behind terrorism, because we are vigilant and appreciate the world, human life and the future of our planet. We have gathered here to tell: no to terror! No to murderers! Let's appreciate the world and friendship, solidarity between people. Let's study to make this world wiser, she said.

The student of Legal institute Karina Hoborova has drawn the attention of the audience to the problem of terrorism that concerns each person and has urged all to be vigilant and not to allow the evil. Representatives of youth parliament of the city of Herne who have arrived on a visit to the university have supported a meeting. Representatives of the German delegation have emphasized that each person has to resist to terror, and in hard time it is necessary to rise shoulder to shoulder in defense of peace.

To mourn the memory of all victims of terrorism, a moment of silence has been announced. Then the students have released 150 white balloons into the sky.

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