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Representatives of Herne Youth Parliament have visited BelSU

Youth delegation from the twin-city of Herne has visited BelSU

School and university students from Germany arrived in Belgorod to tell about the Youth Parliament" organization. Activists of the International student's office under the leadership of Elena Sherstyukova conducted a sightseeing tour around the university in German and told about how students study at BelSU.

The German guests participated in a meeting "Youth against terrorism, for the world and the active civic position", and expressed solidarity in fight against terrorism. Members of Youth parliament marked that only together we can overcome the world evil.

In conclusion the delegation of Youth parliament took part in the round table conference with representatives of BelSU student's associations. The assistant to the head of administration of Belgorod Svetlana Stepanova and the chief specialist of department of special projects and international relations of Belgorod Yulian Vasilyev took part in the conference.

Activists of BelSU presented to the German guests with the organization of self-government in higher education institution. The chairman of BelSU student council Valeria Nedosekova told about student's associations and about the organization of volunteer work at the university, and the director of the International student's office Anastasia Doborovich reported about activities of activists of Office.

Afterwards, students of BelSU children from Herne presented the "Youth parliament" project.

Each school is represented by two students. They will resolve the issues concerning their peers. The parliament will meet city administration and to discuss what changes in the city. If there is any question, for example, to improve playgrounds, representatives of parliament make the table with criteria, look at a current status of playgrounds, fix result and transfer the protocol to city council. Officials shall react to a youth suggestions. Of course, we understand that everything will depend on required budget, said representatives of "Youth parliament".

German guests marked that a main goal of their visit acquaintance with Russian culture and elimination of the existing negative stereotypes about this country.

We want to see Russia with our own eyes, not through a prism of media. Moreover, soon there will be elections in Belgorod, it is interesting for us to get acquainted pre-election process, the representative of the German side Jan Kravik said.

 Nina Bazarova, Natalia Malykhina Photo by Vladislav Solovyov

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