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The city Councillor held a lecture for students at BSU

The Member of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Representative of Belgorod city Council held a lecture for students of the Law Institute

In his speech, Mikhail Bazhinov, the Head of the law office "Bazhinov and Partners", shared the story of his professional success and gave the future lawyers some valuable advices for career advancement.

Mikhail Bazhinov, based on his experience, advised the students to fulfill themselves as lawyers as soon as possible, because the best professionals are those who took their first steps in career during the 2-3 year of study. He also brought to notice the importance of extracurricular activities, as it not only provides the opportunity to develop professional skills, but offers new possibilities in communication skills, that are especially important for a lawyer, as well.

Mikhail Bazhinov also reminded of an important upcoming political event and called on the students to take part in elections of the Governor of the Belgorod region, that will be held on September 10, because it is not only an opportunity to express their civic-mindedness, but also a great way to observe the process of holding elections from a legal point of view.

Mikhail Bazhinov answered all students' questions and invited them for summer internship and probation during the academic year in the "Bazhinov and Partners" law office.

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