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BelSU sets challenges for the new academic year

The traditional conference of the university staff was centered around the results of the educational activity of BelSU for the past year and new challenges for the 2017-2018 academic year

The rector of the university Oleg Polukhin mentioned in his report that positive dynamics is the main outstanding feature of the past academic year. That was proved by universitys indexes and achievements in international and Russian ratings, and also by the results of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation monitoring.

-The most important university achievement during the reporting period is that BelSU was included into one of the most prestigious world rankings The Shanghai subject rating of universities Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (ARWU), - emphasized Oleg Polukhin.

The rector mentioned that BelSU can be proud of this achievement. He sincerely thanked all the scientists and university staff who contributed for this progress. Above all others, he thanked material scientists. The rector urged to keep and develop achieved success, he mentioned that a plan of activities in that area is already being worked out.

High scientific and technological potential of our university is confirmed by the results of the Russian and international ratings analytical center Expert, Russias news agency Interfax, QS University Rankings, Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, etc.

Oleg Nickolaevich emphasized that all the advances and achievements are merits of the whole BelSU staff and he thanked students, teachers and staff members for well-done work.

The rector announced early results of enrollment campaign. So far 6 thousand students have been accepted. Enrollment for extramural studies will last till September 20. About 500 applicants will also be enrolled at the university. The limit of entrance examinations (130 points in total) let keep quality of enrolment and that is important the reputation of leading university, that do not change its principles seeking profit.

The rector made the emphasis on a set of priority directions in development of educational activity in the current academic year. Among them are implementation of federal state educational standards 3++, intensification of practice-oriented tendency of educational process, development of e-learning technologies.

Talking about strategic aim of developing engineering and technical and science education Oleg Polukhin emphasized the importance of increasing enrolment at the university for according fields of study and supply of employees for region employers. With a particular focus on the need to intensify work with school students, the rector reported that since October BelSU Engineering school will work in format of region subdivision of federal educational center Sirius. The university has in plans opening of Engineering college and mathematics school.

Talking about masters degree studies Oleg Nickolaevich has set challenges for a number of students to increase, authors masters programmes development as well as a number of international graduates to increase. Despite the efficiency of postgraduate study (today it amounts to 55 %), BelSU rector has set a challenge in the short term to adopt a development program to go ahead.

Evaluating the results of international activity, the rector called this direction one of the most prosperous in the university development. Within recent years a number of international students has increased.

In the national rating Interfax BelSU is the 18th among 264 universities, and the 7th among leading Russias universities having a great number of international students. In the rectors opinion today BelSU works hard on the development of cooperation with the countries of the East. It means that the need for oriental languages teaching is growing.

-Our university has all the opportunities to be recognized as an international educational center, - said Oleg Nickolaevich.

In his report the rector also pointed out the importance of foreign languages education program prolongation, the program was adopted before the 2017 year. Covering a five-year period many things have been done. In the rectors opinion further we should strive to announce about an opportunity of teaching in two languages at BelSU by the 2021 year.

Oleg Polukhin summarized the results of educational work, mentioning that unity of training and education is the most important challenge of the university education. The rector considers civil and patriotic education is one of important directions. In the past academic year the Center of international communication was opened, which united international BelSU students. At he present time the Statute of formation of the Center for civic and patriotic student education has been approved. The center is going to be located at the universitys library reading hall. It is going to be opened this academic year.

Oleg Polukhin also pointed out a valuable role of the organization of self-government in educational activity. For two years BelSU student council has been a leader in the regional contest.

Talking about physical culture and sports activity development Oleg Polukhin called a success reaching a qualifying standards GTO (Ready for Labor and Defense). BelSU took part in organizing of this work before other universities and now is a truly leader in implementation of GTO in Belgorod region and in Russia.

At the end of his speech, Oleg Nickolaevich thanked the university staff for well-done great work, congratulated colleagues with the beginning of a new academic year and wished to everyone creating advances.

-Let feeling of creativity and creation be always with you, - said Oleg Nickolaevich.

He gave letters of commendation to the members of the university staff and also congratulated with promotion Honored worker of BelSU and Veteran of work of BelSU.

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