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The State Duma Deputy of the Russian Federation told the students about the enactment of bills

A public lecture "The Urban environment and educational space" was held at the Institute of Economy of BSU by the 7th State Duma Deputy of the  Russian Federation Federal Assembly, the Member of  Budget and Taxation Committee  Valeriy Skrug

The Director of the BSU's Institute of Economy Marina Vladyika introduced the special guest and said a few words about his work in the Budgetary and Taxation field at the regional and federal level.

Valeriy Skrug discussed the main difficulties, that Belgorod region faces nowadays. The Deputy told the students and lecturers about the investment climate of the region, new bills and the procedure of their enactment, Federal budget formation, the taxation system in the country.

According to him, the major share of the budget of Belgorod region (42 %) is income tax. An additional point is that the politician touched on the problem of working out an effective national policy of the state. In this regard, the Deputy pointed out that Belgorod region has a rich and positive experience: first of all, successful state legislation, and also the protection of regional interests.

The students asked questions to Valeriy Skrug about the immediate tasks of the Belgorod regional Duma, about the investment climate, tax preferences, social networks, economic and information security of individuals.

At the end of public lecture, the Director of the Institute of Economy Marina Vladyika thanked the guest for an interesting and informative meeting, and Valeriy Skrug mentioned the importance of real-world communication between students and authorities.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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