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Governor Cup of Belgorod region in equestrian sport

Equestrian school of BelSU has gathered admirers of equestrian sport in the competition of inter-regional value

About hundred athletes from eleven teams representing different equestrian clubs of Belgorod and Kursk region participated in the traditional competitions in equestrian sport at the "Governor's Cup" organized by equestrian school, National Research University BSU.

Jury, represented by well-known judges from Moscow and Lipetsk, was headed by a judge of the highest category Vladimir Belikov (Moscow).

The competition was opened with a solemn parade of participants of tournament. The head for educational work and Informatization Alexander Mamatov gave a salutatory word to the participants. He wished good luck, success, good results and bright holiday. Alexander underlined the professionalism of the organizers of the competition the team of equestrian school of National Research University BSU. This year instructor in equestrian sport, Svetlana Babiy was declared the winner of the competition of professional skill of the University at the end of 2016-2017.

Representatives of the Belgorod Cossacks and the division for cultural and educational activities of the University prepared the creative part of the program of the competition. Athletes and guests were congratulated by the group "31-th Region".

On 16 September, the competitions in jumping on routes with obstacles up to 80, 100 and 110 cm were carried out. The originator of the route was became master of sports in triathlon, Alexander Tsygankov.

The prizes in competition category "Children" and "Overall standings" were played on a route with height of obstacles of 80 cm. Athletes of the Shebekinskiy district equestrian club "Derzhava" was distinguished in the category "Children", completely taking the podium: Mishneva Catherine on a horse named Mavritan became the winner of the competition. This same athlete on a horse Limbist took third place. Caroline Molchanjuk is a silver medalist. In the "Overall" prizes were distributed as follows: Daria Troshkina on a horse named Mirage (Belgorod region, equestrian club "Red horse") 1st place, Elizabeth Kanaeva on the horse Exotic (equestrian school of Agrarian University in honour of Gorin) 2nd place, Alex Kireev on a horse named Hors ("Silver horseshoe", Valuyki) 3rd place.

The more complicated route in the competition were obstacles of the height 100 cm many participants failed. In the category "Junior" representative of the Kursk region "Sonador" Anna Kurasova took two first prizes in horses Saffron and Epsilon. Third place in this category went to Kseniya Valieva in the Epigraph from equestrian school of Agrarian University in honour of Gorin.

The master of sports in triathlon Yulia Kobzeva from equestrian club "Red Horse" won in the classification "General". Anna Chernikova from equestrian school of BSU presented a few seconds to the winner (the pupil of equestrian school of Agrarian University in honour of Gorin) becoming a silver medalist. Third place went to Natalia Konovalova from the city of Kursk "Sukonka".

A fierce struggle took place on the route 110 cm with a drawing of "Governor Cup of Belgorod region". Yulia Kobzeva (team equestrian school "Red Horse" master of sports in triathlon) horse Ophelia and Anna Chernikova (athlete NRU "BSU") got into the jump-off. Both participants completed the route well, but four extra seconds distanced Chernikowa from the coveted prize. Following the results of last competition, Anna performed the standard of the 2nd category (coach-instructor equestrian school of BSU, master of sports Elena Balabas). Third place went to the representative of the Kursk region "Sonador" Anna Kurasova on Epsilon.

On 17 September the dressage (high school riding) started. The first drive of the day was "Provisional prize. Children". Valentine Belevsky (the athlete of equestrian school "Eifel" (Kursk oblast) on a horse named Obiola won in this category. The second was a pupil of equestrian school of BSU Veronica Svechkar acting on a horse named Pretoria. Third place went to Caroline Molchanjuk (equestrian school "Derzhava").

In the nomination "the Preliminary prize. Children" the prizes were awarded in the competition "Young horses" and "General". In the first competition, the representative of equestrian school Eife Candidate Master of Sports Anna Nikonova took the first two places on Old-Ride and Siera. Alexey Kireev (equestrian school of BSU) on horse Hors took third place.

In the classification of "General" first place was won by Yulia Kobzeva at Fort-Knox, the second Alexander Tsygankov on the Evening Bell, the third place was won by Yulia Kobzeva, but already on a horse named Ophelia. The Governor's Cup for dressage was played out in the drive "Provisional prize. Juniors", where the third place was taken by a representative of equestrian school Eifel Alesya Pratico on a horse named Abiola, second place was awarded to the pupil of equestrian school of BSU Christine Lukinova on a horse named Pretoria. The winner and the Cup winner was Daria Shalneva on a horse named Zagryad, (equestrian school of BSU).

At the end of the day dressage athlete Veronica Svechkar complied with the standard of the first youthful category, Cristina Lukinova and Olga Golub - the ratio of the second youth category, Daria Calneva - standard of 2 adult category. Athletes are trained under the guidance of instructors in sports of equestrian school of BSU master of sports Tamara Korobova.

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