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Ruslan Makhmutov: traditions and innovations are effectively combined at BelSU

On final day of the VII International scientific conference "Sociology of religion in the society of a late modernist style: the religion, education, the international integration" researchers have discussed a religious factor in the Euroasian integration

At social and theological faculty of NIU "BELGU" the special panel meeting of ANO Evraziyskoye sodruzhestvo the of the Euroasian civil alliance "Religious Factor in the Euroasian Integration" has taken place. Professor of Sociology Department and the organization of work with students of BelSU Institute of management Sergey Lebedev has acted as the moderator of the panel.

The vice rector for cultural and educational activity of BelSU Svetlana Ostrikova has also noted the high importance of an action both for scientific prestige of the university, and international integration.

The chairman of the board of the Euroasian Commonwealth organization Ruslan Makhmutov has submitted the project "The Euroasian Civil Alliance: new opportunities of communication of expert communities of the countries of EEU". Ruslan Makhmutov has noted that the subject of a conference is chosen because the Euroasian integration is based on universal values which are put as doctrines of all faiths in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

First of all it is justice and respect for the person. Our people are pulled together by identical valuable approach of the sacred writing, Ruslan Makhmudov has noted. It is an indicator that the project of the Euroasian civil alliance will live.

Reports were made by the member of the Euroasian expert club, the associate professor of the international relations of the Yerevan state university Grigor Balasanyan, the head of the Center for studying of problems of religion and society of Institute of Europe of RAS Roman Lunkin, the expert of Institute of the strategic analysis and the forecast in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) Aman Saliyev, the executive director of MIA "Euroasian Monitor" Igor Zadorin and other guests of honor.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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