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Students of BelSU at the Tourism festival

The VI festival of tourism, in which foreign associations of BelSU have participated, has taken place in Belgorod

Students from Iraq, Egypt, Armenia, Moldova, Brazil, China, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Benin and Zambia have shown jewelry, souvenirs, national dishes and household items of their native lands. Creative performances by Yosuman Minakova from Tajikistan, dancing collective from Benin and Kutemby Phalanga from Zambia became the real gem of the festival.

On the city stage, in Victory Park, songs performed by international vocal band of BelSU "Star Algorithm" performed (the head the associate professor of the general mathematics Anna Yaduta).

Festive mood, songs and dances, prizes and gifts, magnificent national suits all this made the last Saturday of September unforgettable and bright.

For reference:the festival of tourism is held by city administration of Belgorod with assistance of department of economic development of the Belgorod region for the purpose of promoting the tourism in Belgorod region, advances of tourist image of the region. The program of a festival includes a fair with the souvenirs from local masters, a tourist's meeting of college teams, etc.

 Elena Nazarenko Photo: Olga Kisteneva

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