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Sportsmen and sportswomen of BelSU are the best in swimming, weightlifting and sambo

The results of the IX All-Russian festival of students sport are summed up

The festival was three days-long. About 900 young athletes from 25 regions of the Russian Federation have taken part in it. Among them, there are athletes from Moscow, Belgorod, Vladimir, Voronezh, Lipetsk and others. The age of participants of competitions did not exceed 25 years. The festival program included a basketball tournament, kettlebell sport competitions, sambo, swimming, table tennis and chess tournaments.

Gold of the All-Russian competitions in swimming on 50 meters was won by the representative BelSU Yulia Zalepinos. A golden medal in kettlebell sport (weight category of 73 kg) went to Ivan Belyaev. In sambo the first place went to Taisiya Merchanskaya (weight category of 64 kg), Ekaterina Brazhnik won the 2nd place (weight category up to 64 kg), Artem Efremov won the 2nd place, Artem Cherkashin won the 4th place. The team of BelSU has won the first place in an all-team competition in this discipline and silver medal in kettlebell sport. Our athletes also have two bronze medals. Pavel Chuyev in weight lifting category of 85 kg and the representative of the women's national team Elizabeth Krylova (weight category of 68 kg) won the third place. In basketball competitions 33 men's national team the team has taken the 3rd place.

Team's line-up:

Pavel Novikov, Dmitry Lissitsky, Artyom Salasin, Yury Vyyushchenko.

Following the results of the IX All-Russian festival of student's sport the national team of the Belgorod State University has taken the third place.

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