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Students of Institute of Economy shared their experience abroad

Informative session dedicated to international academic mobility took place at BelSU Institute of Economy

The event was organized by acting deputy director for the international activities Olesya Serkina. The students of different years participated in a session, including those who were already trained abroad. The representative of BelSU International Cooperation Office Elena Reznik told about opportunities of semestrial training in partner higher education institutions for students of Institute of economy and also about an involvement algorithm in programs of the academic mobility.

The student of Institute of economy Anastasia Babritskaya told about features of educational process and cultural exchange with the Narkhoz university (Almaty, Kazakhstan). The undergraduate of Institute of economy Anna Voronova also shared impressions of her training in Kazakhstan.

Among partners of Institute of economy of the Belgorod State University - the Sergie-Pontoise university (France). The undergraduate of Institute of economy Alla Reznik told about the experience of training at this higher education institution, having paid the attention of attendees to the major errors the students make while training abroad. Alla adviced how to avoid many difficulties and to receive higher results.

3rd year students Evgenia Kiseeva, Valeria Kolomytseva and Oleg Komar who came back from the Varna university of management (Bulgaria) the day before also made a report. They received scholarship of the program of the European Union Erasmus +.

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