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University continues to develop volunteerism

IV International Youths Volunteers School Dobrovolets-2017 will take place at BelSU

The school will take place onDecember 4-8, 2017 at BelSU Social Studies and Theology Department. The project is implemented with assistance of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Belgorod State University, management of social protection of the region, the Ombudsman for Children of the region, the program of development of student's associations activity etc. The School is organized for school students, students and graduate students up to 30 years, who advance the social projects in the sphere of media of volunteer activity. The studentds not only from Belgorod region, but also from other regions of the Russian Federation and CIS countries can become participants. The application should be sent no later than November 15 by e-mail to addresses of the organizing committee: grebenikova@bsu.edu.ru, korolyova@bsu.edu.ru with a theme "Dobrovolets-2017".

Nonresident participants for the period of carrying out School accommodate in hostels of BelSU free of charge, travelling and meal are provided independently or at the expense of the directing party.

At the School volunteers will be trained by teachers and experts make projects, form applications for external competitions of grants. At the end all participants will submit the requests on social projects and participate in a total competition. Juries will select winners in the following nominations:

- the best informational and educational project directed to work with social and vulnerable categories of citizens;

- the best project of media maintenance of events directed to work with social and vulnerable categories of citizens;

- choice of volunteers.

Winners of a competition will gain diplomas, and the results will be placed at BelSU official website.

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