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Money prize to the author of the best qualifying paper

"Nauchny Correspondent" has announced the All-Russian competition of final qualifying papers

The competition where the winner earns a reward of 25 thousand rubles aims for the students who have defended qualifying paper on any specialty in one of the Russian higher education institutions within the last five years. A competition is held on two nominations: "The highest rating on the website" and "The most popular work on the website".

In the publication the author and the head of a research have to be specified. Authors of the best works will receive the certificates from Association of Internet publishers and "Nauchny Correspondent" confirming relevance of researches. The published work will receive a DOI identifier. Free DOI will also be assigned to all papers posted on the website together with two positive reviews.

We want to award authors who responsibly approach the preparation of qualifying paper and conduct relevant researches which are useful to other students, and also show graduates skills and knowledge to potential employers, the project manager "The scientific correspondent", Candidate of Philology Ivan Zasursky explained.

During competitive selection, the organizers of the event will conduct negotiations with employers about the internship invitations for the authors of the best works introduction of special nominations. Thus, the publication of the paper can become a chance for the graduate to find the employer interested in further work on a research subject.

You can learn in more about conditions and to publish the work via link: http://nauchkor.ru/contests/assotsiatsiya-internet-izdateley-ob-yavlyaet-konkurs-vypusknyh-kvalifikatsionnyh-rabot-po-vsem-spetsialnostyam-59be8ab05f1be704a800a116.

You also can address all questions via e-mail: editor@nauchkor.ru, katerova@nauchkor.ru

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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