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BelSU is among the leaders of world academic space

BelSU keeps its positions in TOP-200 of QS World University Rankings 2018: EECA (universities of Eastern Europe and Central Asia)

More than 2900 universities of Eastern Europe and Central Asia have been analysed for the new rating score. As a result the rating had included 300 universities (97 of them represent Russia). A common position of BelSU in the ranking 161-170.

QS World University Rankings 2018: EECA considers the best universities which, according to experts, lead at the academic space of the East European and Central Asian region, at the same time exerting positive impact on socio-economic indexes of the countries they represent.

BelSU keeps a high position in the general ranking on a share of foreign students the 34th place among 300 higher education institutions, exceeding an average value almost twice. The university also keeps good positions on the number of the scientific and pedagogical workers (SPW) with an academic degree (the 53rd place in rating), on the quantity of foreign NPR, working in the university (the 84th place), and efficiency of higher education institution on the Internet (the 83rd place).

In comparison with the Russian higher education institutions, the best indicator of BelSU is the referencing of publications here BelSU takes the 10th position of 97, a share of foreign students (the 14th position), a ratio of the faculty of teachers and students (the 16th position), a share of the foreign NPR and efficiency of higher education institution in the Internet (the 23rd position), the number of publications on one NPR (the 26th position) and the academic reputation of higher education institution (the 46th position).

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