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Moscow praised innovative developments of BelSU scientists in the sphere of functional nourishment

Representatives of the university participated in the first International scientific and practical conference "Functional nourishment: scientific bases of development, production and consumption"

The forum took place in Moscow at the V.M. Gorbatov RAS Federal scientific center of food systems.

The conference was organized by V.M. Gorbatov RAS Federal scientific center of food systems, Moscow State University of food productions, the National medical research center of rehabilitation and balneology of the Russian Ministry of Health with assistance of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Sciences and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

Researchers note that interest in functional nourishment considerably increased in Russia and other industrially developed countries recently. Conferees (scientists and teachers) exchanged experience in area of production technologies and in the field of consumption by the population of functional and specialized food.

The problems arising in a chain from development and production of separate functional ingredients to the organization of consumption of functional products were discussed at the conference. Colleagues agreed on need of formation of the Russian scientific community on this problem.

Within the conference there took place the competition of innovative projects in the field of functional nourishment. Researchers of BelSU presented two projects: "The Nanostructured chia seeds" (authors: A.A. Krolevets, N.I. Myachikova, V.S. Andreenkov) and "Dry forms of anthocyanin dyes and food with their use" (authors: N.I. Myachikova, L.A. Deyneka, A.S. Konovalova) and became winners of a competition.

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