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Battle for Ilya Vekua Cup-2017

The team of BelSU has participated in the XI Programming Contest Ilya Vekua's Cup for the first time

The competition took place in Tbilisi (Georgia) at the Georgian-European university for students from Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan. 99 teams took part in a command stage, and 117 participants in personal stage.

Within two days young programmers competed in the solution of tasks. Students of BelSU have time participated in the programming event of such scale for the first time. The university was represented by the team of students of Institute of engineering technologies and natural sciences: Elisaveta Grechishkina, Boris Pinkovsky and Bogdan Gakhov (curator of team associate professor of the general mathematics Anna Yaduta).

Our university competed to educational institutions of a world class, such as: MSU, MIPT, St.Petersburg State University, ITMO, ATU and others, - Anna Yaduta has told. The team of BelSU represented the university at this contest for the first time and has proved to be worthy, despite the lack of experience of participation in the IT event of such level.

For reference:

Ilya Nestorovich Vekua is the Soviet scientist-mathematician and the mechanic who specialized in the differential equations with private derivatives, the singular integrated equations, the generalized analytical functions and the mathematical theory of elastic covers.

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