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International students school PERSONA ET VERBUM: IN LIMITE, SINE LIMITIBUS has begun at BelSU

The university together with foreign partners will conduct the international researches in the field of the humanities

Opening of PERSONA ET VERBUM School: IN LIMITE, SINE LIMITIBUS ("Personality and image: on border and without borders") has taken place in the center of student's initiatives "STUDIO" at BelSU. Guests of honor professor of University of Bremen (Germany) Tassilo Schmitt, professor of Institute of Archeology of RAS Alexander Maslennikov, the leading researcher of Lomonosov Moscow State University Mikhail Gratsiansky, welcomed the director of the BelSU Institute of Pedagogy Victoria Tarabayeva and the dean of historical and philological department Andrey Papkov who have noted the importance of a scientific forum for development of the historical researches relevant in the context of the present.

The lecture "Borders and Border Zones on the edge of Antique Oykumena" was given to students of historical and philological department by professor Alexander Maslennikov. The lecture "Ethnoconfessional Relationship in the Cities of Early Byzantium" will be given by Prof. Nikolay Bolgov. Tassilo Schmitt and Mikhail Gratsiansky will also present their researches.

The international student's school will last till November 16. In conclusion of an event students will submit the projects at the round table cinference "History without Boundaries". Participants will recieve certificates.

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