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Studenthood: the world without borders

An event dedicated to International Students Day Studenthood: the world without borders took place at BelSU Cross-Cultural Communication Center

Students of Engineering technologies and natural sciences Institute Mining and environmental management Department have participated In the event organized by N.N. Strakhov Scientific library together with the Cross-cultural communication Center.

The chief librarian of Scientific library Nadezhda Malygina has told about history of a holiday to which tragic events in Czechoslovakia of 1939 preceded, and about establishment November 17, 1946 as the International day of students in honor of these events.

This day is a reason for association of all students irrespective of the country, educational institution and department. It is celebrated in many countries of the world, Nadezhda Malygina said.

Students of the university who have visited training in partner higher education institutions of the different countries thanks to the international academic mobility, became guests of an action.

The student of BelSUInstitute of management Christina Kolesova has made a trip to Kazakhstan. Christina has told not only about the Kazakh economic university at which she was trained, but also has shared impressions about numerous excursions on sights of Almaty.

The student of Institute of cross-cultural communication and the international relations Karina Shevchenko has told about her training in Germany. She was trained in University of Bremen and learned a lot of things about the training process and multilateral interests of the German students.

The student of Institute of cross-cultural communication and the international relations Fayzullo Yakubov has shared his impressions about a trip to China where he was trained in the Province of Shandong, Dezhou city.

The presentation on the subject "Academic Mobility" was made by the student of Institute of engineering technologies and natural sciences Alina Grinko and the student of faculty of foreign languages of Pedagogical Institute Oleg Shevchenko.

The employee of International cooperation office Elena Reznik told students about programs of the academic mobility existing in higher education institution.

  Yulia Dobronosova, leading librarian of N.N. Strakhov Scientific library

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