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Graditude to the rector

The president of Programming Support Association Theodor Zarkua has thanked rector of BelSU Prof. Oleg Polukhin for a performance of programmers of the Belgorod State University at Vekua Cup

In the letter of thanks of Theodor Zarkua has noted:

Dear Oleg Nikolaevich, summing up the results of the international Olympic Games on programming on Kubok Vekua, I can't but celebrate an excellent performance of debutants team of BelSU. Your delegation has perfectly represented not only the native university and the city, but also all Russia.

The XI Programming Contest Ilya Vekua's Cup took place in Tbilisi (Georgia) at the Georgian-European university. In a dispute students programmers from Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan have met. 99 teams, in personal 117 participants have taken part in a command stage of the Cup.

The BelSU team for the first time represented the university at these contest. Following the results of command and personal (Bogdan Gakhov) of competitions, students of BelSU received certificates.

Theodor Zarkua has also thanked the associate professor of BelSU Anna Yaduta, the leader of the team, for her hard work.

 BelSU PR Department


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