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Scientists of the university discussed sanctions negative influence on science

BelSU Institute of Economy took part in the Bavarian-Russian conference on economy in Friedrich-Alexander university (Germany, Nuremberg)

Scientists of the leading economic higher education institutions of Russia and Germany and also representatives of the academic centers have participated in the event organized by the Bavarian academic center of Central, Eastern and southeast Europe (BAYHOST).

BAYHOST helps development of communications between Bavarian and Russian higher educational institutions, promotes exchange of professional experience and also accumulates the new ideas for cooperation in research and training. At the same time it pays special attention to stimulation of the organization of new joint projects in empirical researches.

The executive director of BAYHOST Nicholas Dyyukich said that, despite deterioration in the relations between Germany and Russia and also the sanctions imposed from the EU, cooperation in the educational and scientific and cultural sphere has to continue. He expressed confidence that partnership between higher education institutions of two countries can become a good basis for improvement of integration interaction of scientists and will promote improvement of political climate between two countries.

BelSU Institute of Economy was represented by the Doctor of Economics, associate professor Oksana Vaganova, Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor Svetlana Kucheryavenko and the student of the Institute Polina Romanchenko.

The report on negative impact of sanctions for innovative development of economy of Russia which has attracted interest of the German colleagues was made by Oksana Vaganova.

At the conference examples of successful projects between partner higher education institutions of the different countries have been given, offers of the academic exchange arrived and also opportunities for joint business were discussed.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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